Thinking of Home Removals Bristol? Here’s What To Renovate Before You Sell

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you likely already know just how competitive today’s housing market really is; most buyers are seeking “move-in ready” homes which show well rather than being willing to invest in fixing up an older abode. Naturally, this creates a great deal of additional stress for sellers who are hoping to make a profit off the sale of their home. Outside of addressing things like obvious structural issues, it’s difficult to know what absolutely “must” be updated and what can be left “as is”.

Choosing What To Update

While the exact features needing to be overhauled will vary from house to house, in general, prior to engaging in home removals Bristol residents should consider performing the following renovations:

Have fresh paint and new carpet applied throughout the house

Both of these renovations are minimally invasive, seldom very costly, and can dramatically improve the look of one’s home. Nothing makes a home look dingier and more in need of updates than faded, soiled carpeting and patched, stained walls.

Replace the kitchen counter

Counter tops not only tend to receive a fair bit of wear and tear, they’re also highly visible. Ergo, if you’re willing to have any sort of “rip and replace” work done in your home, they should be one of the first things you consider renovating.

Assess whether or not your kitchen cabinets need replacing.

Cabinet renovations can be costly if a new finish will not suffice. However, replacement may be necessary if your cabinets are very old, obviously worn, or made of a material that is now considered extremely undesirable. Like counter tops, cabinets are very visible, so they cannot be neglected.

Upgrade any light fixtures which are more than a few years old.

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Even if more extensive home renovations are out of reach financially, before planning home removals, Bristol homeowners are advised to replace any old light fixtures in their homes. Doing so is inexpensive, can be done by practically anyone, and dramatically improves the look of a home.

Make sure your flooring shows well.

If your flooring is severely aged or damaged, it will need to be replaced; otherwise, depending on which type of flooring you have, you may be able to simply have it restored (wood flooring, for example, can often be quickly and easily made to look like new again with a bit of professional assistance).

What Not to Renovate

Before planning home removals, Bristol residents should also be made aware of which renovations often constitute a needless expense. These include renovating areas like media rooms, home offices, and attic or basement spaces if you have them. Generally, work on the backyard can also be kept to a bare minimum; if a home shows well, most buyers will be willing to overlook features like an aged deck or mediocre landscaping. And of course, one should not bother with drastic renovations intended to add more space to a home simply to improve its market value; the amount one will spend and the amount of time such upgrades take render them impractical.


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