Removals in Swindon Checklist for Moving

When relocating, whether to another street, another town, or abroad, the key to success is to be organised. When you have no organisation behind you, tensions will mount, and unnecessary expenses are often found. With some help from your removals in Swindon experts, you can move house and feel relaxed and happy after the move, your new home being all you ever dreamed of.

Removals in Swindon: Order your Removals Service in Advance

When moving house, you will have a date for the move before the actual day you move. What this means is that as soon as you know the day you will be requiring a removal van, you can book from your local experts. Even if you know months in advance, you can tick this off your checklist and have one less thing to worry about. If you only have an approximate date, still contact your local Swindon experts to see what they have on offer, to choose a service or services, and to ensure that they know to expect a call from you in due course. You can order not just a removal service but packing boxes, storage facilities, and even a furniture assembly service.

Contact Utility Companies

Just like the owners of the property you are moving into will need to, you will need to contact your energy and water suppliers to let them know about the move. This way you can allow them to read the meter the day that you move, and bill any outstanding amounts to your new address. When you pay by direct debit, the amount will be automatically discounted from your account, but when you receive paper bills, you need to know you will receive them and be able to pay them in time. When your meters are read, you may also be in for a nice surprise. If your previous bills have been estimates, you may even be owed money. It does happen!

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Contact your Post Office

Although the majority of correspondence these days is done online, you will still receive mail at your home. To avoid identity fraud, and the chances of the new owners of your old home knowing how much you have in the bank, stop all letters being sent to your old property a few days before you are due to move. You can either opt to collect mail from your local post office, or if you are moving further afield you can ask for an affordable forwarding service that will give you time to change your address with everyone you need to.

Doctors and Health Services

Unless you are moving only a few streets away, you will need to find a reputable doctor, dentist, and possibly an optician in your new town. If you are not moving too far away, then you can visit your new town in advance and check out what is on offer. The same should apply here for local schools for your children. You can find out a wealth of information online that will mean the transition for your children will run smoothly.

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