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Moving tips

If you are moving home then packing can be quite challenging. Please find below some tips which will help you with this task. 1. Leave enough time for packing. Earlier you start, earlier you realize how many things you have, especially those you hardly ever use. 2. Begin with items that are not used often. 3. For packing use only sturdy boxes. You shouldn’t save on boxes as over packing may damage your items. Please contact our team members if you would like to purchase removal boxes from us. 4. Label each box clearly, either by room or type of items. Also label whether the contents are *FRAGILE*. If boxes are going to multiple destinations, please add this to the label. 5. Chinaware: Please wrap all china and glassware individually in paper or bubble wrap. With plates it is better to place them in the box on their side (i.e. vertically) as opposed to flat. Packing plates flat can result in the bottom plate cracking under the weight of the others. 6. Do not fill up boxes over the fold line of the flaps. If boxes are over loaded, it makes it difficult to close the top of the box to make a flat surface. 7. Use correct size boxes. Making a box too heavy may cause an injury or you will struggle to move it. Heavy items as books and records should be packed into smaller boxes. Very large boxes should be used for soft furnishings and other light items. 8. Ensure the bottom of the box is taped securely so you won’t lose and damage your items. 9. Seal all boxes with tape. 10. It is recommended to use only few sizes of boxes as you won’t lose too much space and it will make stacking a removal van or storage place much more easier. 11. Create an essentials box for the day you move. Include items like toiletries, toothbrushes, toilet paper.
If there are any parking restrictions at your current or new address – you will have to contact your local council to arrange for any necessary parking suspensions for the removal vans.
Disconnect your Washer. You can either do it by yourself, arrange it with a plumber or with your removal company.
Do not forget to defrost and empty your fridges and freezers.
Dismantle any furniture which is too big to be moved in one piece. Our staff can do it for you on the day of service but we always recommend to inform us about this before the moving day.
Make sure you have the keys to your new premises available upon arrival of the removal team.